I am the founder and CEO of Spoon.net, an application containerization and streaming platform that lets you use software and files instantly, anywhere.

Spoon applies fundamental advances in algorithms and systems to virtualize, stream, and execute applications over the Internet. Spoon dramatically improves the robustness, privacy, and economics of application delivery.

Prior to working on Spoon, I created Xenocode, one of the first application virtualization engines for the Windows platform and a precursor to the Spoon virtual machine. I was previously a development lead at Microsoft where I developed indexing, query, and machine learning components for Microsoft’s SQL Server, Exchange, and SharePoint Portal Server products.

In my spare time, I study classical ballet, continue my mathematics research, and fly little airplanes around. My parents were musicians and I was fortunate to receive a classical training in violin and piano. I am a resident of Seattle, Washington and native of Miami, Florida.

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